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Emotron drives exceed expectations in harsh environment

Press Metal, the largest integrated aluminium producer in South East Asia, needed to replace its existing drives with a more durable solution. CG Drives used their experience in similar applications to recommend and install five Emotron VFX AC drives in 2011 – and they’re still going strong.

Water purification plant runs 24/7 with Emotron drives

The Beilen water purification plant in the Netherlands needed to update in order to improve reliability and deliver assured 24/7 operation. The solution was wall-mounted Emotron IP54 drives, with both FDU and VFX modules.

Get to know our new Emotron FlowDrive

At its core, the Emotron FlowDrive has an automatic reservoir level control, which optimises energy use, reduces the need for maintenance and provides real-time process monitoring. Find out more!

Ubisoft, India saves energy after retro fitting thanks to CG Drives & Automation

Ubisoft Pune is today one of the largest developers of video games in India. CG Drives & Automation recommended the VFD solution on AHU motors connected to BMS system to help them save energy and control temperature.

Now a complete Emotron VFX/ FDU IP20/21 drive range!

The new Emotron VFX/ FDU IP20/21 drive range, from CG Drives & Automation features a robust mechanical design, easy access to connection terminals and a high level of component integration.

New Emotron FlowDrive: A dedicated waste water drive

Introducing the new Emotron FlowDrive, a complete self-learning unit designed specifically for the wastewater management industry. This drive is compatible with most pumps typically used in this application.

New Emotron VS10/VS30 drives – the economical solution for low power requirement

CG Drives & Automation proudly Presenting the new compact, fully featured and versatile Emotron VS10 and VS30 drives from CG Drives & Automation, delivering convenient, economical and reliable control in applications across the 0.25-7.5 kW range.

Emotron drives help reduce downtime at NSR biogas plant in Sweden

Both reactors at the NSR biogas plant in Helsingborg, Sweden achieved maximum production just two months after the graft was filled and substrate pumping started, thanks to a number of Emotron products and CG Drives & Automation’s know-how.

Emotron - VFX & FDU drives, in range 0,75 -132 kW, for low voltage AC motors in constant torque or variable applications

Discover the features of the Emotron VFX & FDU drives, in range 0,75 -132 kW, for low voltage AC motors in constant torque or variable applications.

CG Drives and Ankong’s service save the day for CHALCO in China

Rapid response and collaboration between a team at Ankong and CG Drives engineers put this CHALCO factory back into action after a competitor’s drive failed.

Aravali Chemicals, India, maintains continuous line flow with Emotron VFX drives

Aravali Chemicals of Alwar, Rajasthan can now vary the speed of their system and maintain continuous line flow, thanks to Emotron VFX Drives.

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