New Emotron FlowDrive: A dedicated waste water drive

CG Drives & Automation proudly presents the new Emotron FlowDrive – a complete self-learning unit designed specifically for the wastewater management industry and compatible with most pumps typically used in this application. The heart of the new drive is automatic reservoir level control, which delivers significant energy savings, minimises the need for maintenance and enables real time process monitoring.

Addressing one of the industry’s main challenges, FlowDrive enables a reduction in energy consumption. When first installed, it operates in ‘learn mode’ in order to establish the most efficient operating parameters according to the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) algorithm. By running the pump over a range of frequencies and measuring the volumes pumped, it defines the most energy-efficient pumping frequency, and calibrates the related functions accordingly. Thereafter, the reservoir level control operates according to these defined values, automatically striving to maintain the optimal motor speed and to reduce energy use.

Maintenance is minimised by built-in cleaning controls, which include pump blockage detection, and sump and pipe cleaning. These functions were previously handled by the PLC, but have now been shifted to the drive itself. In fact, FlowDrive eliminates the need for PLCs in the most common applications, which enables the creation of simpler, more cost-effective systems.

Ease of installation and use are also key aspects of the new drive’s design. During commissioning, the user is automatically prompted to input the relevant operating parameters. Once up and running, detailed performance data is continuously available and can be accessed via local control panels or connected to remote telemetry systems.

The first products in the new FlowDrive range are available in IP20 and IP54, for installations with 1-2 pumps each rated at 0.75-160 kW.