News on IE classification following changes of the EcoDesign directive

On 1 July 2021 the next step in the EcoDesign Directive was taken and The Commission Regulation ”EC 640/2009 laying down eco-design requirements for electric motors” was appealed and replaced by ”EU 2019/1781 laying down eco-design requirements for electric motors and variable speed drives”.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) or referred to in the directive as Complete Drive Module (CDM) are now also explicitly mentioned. They get their own efficiency class “IE” but this class is not the same as the different motor efficiency classes.

Changes for variable speed drives

Publishing efficiency information, based on Product Standard EN IEC 61800-9-2:

  • Power losses of 8 operation points must be made available.

efficiency class IE measuring point eco design directive

  • Speed for operation points of lowest frequency may be chosen between 0 and 12 Hz (not all AC drives can make full torque at 0 rpm)
  • Operating point “90;100” is used to define the CDM Efficiency Class (IE..).
  • Efficiency Class & “power losses 90;100 in %” must be indicated on the variable speed drive.

Reference value

Reference value is based on selected test drive type plus test motor.

  • IE1 is when actual power loss value is within -25%< FO >+25%
  • IE0 is when actual power loss value is > 25% higher (worse) then reference value
  • IE2 is when actual power loss value is < 25% lower (better) then reference value


IE2 rated Emotron VFDs

Emotron variable speed drives are already classified to IE2 (the highest class).

More information on Emotron efficiency data.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate contact your Emotron representative